Natural rubber is still produced in the same way it has been done for many hundreds of years, by carving through the bark of the tree and capturing the resulting sap in a bucket.
"Quelli del movimento terra", also called "Qdmt", is a project born in 2009 by a Facebook group with the main aim of sharing the passion and knowledge of the many fans of earthmoving machines.
Today we want to present the Lightlift 33.17 Performace IIIS rubber tracked platform, winner of the Intermat 2018 innovation prize in the lifting, handling and transport category
Bobcat proposes to the market a new easily portable industrial radio controller, which can be mounted and used on any building machinery in few minutes, offering to the operators a new work experience
Kobelco bases its production on technological innovation and best product quality, this is why we can consider it as a Japanese leader factory in buildings sector.