Replace iron tracks with rubber tracks and vice versa

Replace iron tracks with rubber tracks and vice versa

Replace iron tracks with rubber tracks and vice versa

Replacing iron tracks with rubber tracks, or vice versa, is not always simple and straightforward. Changing from two iron tracks to two rubber tracks is sometimes a very delicate matter and this is due to the possible modifications to the undercarriage to make this change.


Undercarriage modifications?

Yes, some modifications to the undercarriage of your tracked vehicle may be the only solution for the change from iron to rubber since not all construction equipment is designed and built to have complete compatibility between rubber and iron tracks.


How can I determine if undercarriage modifications are needed to switch from iron to rubber tracks?

It is very simple, you only need to consult the "use and maintenance" booklet of your mini excavator, there you will find indications about the eventual modifications you will have to make in order to mount a new pair of rubber tracks.


If I can't find the information in the "use and maintenance” manual...?

All you have to do is contact the dealer where you bought your construction vehicle, or the manufacturer of your tracked vehicle, so you can receive detailed information specific to your vehicle, from those who designed it and know it in detail.


Can I get advice from the PowerTrack Team on what size rubber tracks I can replace my old iron tracks with?

Unfortunately, no... As advised in the previous point, it is necessary, indeed fundamental, to contact the manufacturer of the tracked construction equipment you own, if there are no indications in the "use and maintenance booklet". Only those who designed the machine and who know it in detail will be able to give us this confirmation.

Our advice is therefore to inquire very precisely about the size of the rubber track that can be mounted on your machine, even if it currently has iron tracks.


Are undercarriage modifications always necessary?

In order to change from iron tracks to rubber tracks, it is not always necessary to make modifications to the undercarriage or to your construction equipment; there is the possibility that your construction equipment can perfectly fit rubber tracks and compatible iron tracks, without any modification.


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